Autscape Bursary Application

Application Form 2020

If you have problems with this form or any other part of the application process, contact the chair of the bursary committee:

Bursary process/rationale

We have to collect this information as we are spending contributions made by participants and the Autscape organisation. We have to justify this spending to external bodies as well. We will always aim to help as much as we can, where possible. This form is strictly confidential.

General information

The cost of your attendance

* Participating in the full programme means attending lectures and activities based on your own interests. Not participating means attending limited parts of the programme, when the person is at Autscape primarily to support someone else to participate, or when the child/dependant will be with their parent/guardian most/all of the time

Your history of attending Autscape

Your financial situation and other factors

Briefly explain any other possible reasons for needing a bursary, or give further clarification to the points above.

The amount

The amount essential for me to attend Autscape, without compromising basic needs such as food, medical care or housing:

If you need more than £150, or if you are paying your own fee and that of dependant(s)/carer(s), state the total amount that would be necessary in order for you to attend:

Further information

We make decisions about once a week. You will receive a decision as soon as possible.

If you receive a bursary, we will give you a code number, which you must use when paying your fee.

For more information, see Bursary Information 2020.

Submitting the application

Submit this application by clicking "send form".

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